1) What Is Coding?

Coding is enabling or disabling features that are hidden within your vehicle, but for one reason or another (regional location, safety restriction, package specification, etc.) these options are not accessible from the factory.  The options that we modify in your vehicle, are all 100% reversible, at any time.  If your vehicle does not contain certain modules, some options may not be available as in newer/older model vehicles.

2) If I Have My Vehicle Coded, Will It Void My Warranty?

The simple answer is no.  Not only are we using software specifically designed to code and program BMW’s and Mini Cooper’s, we are not doing any rewiring or adding any modules that may cause issues down the line or cause BMW/Mini to void your warranty.  We are simply turning presets on and off and again as stated above, everything is 100% reversible.

3) When I Go In For Service, Will My Coding Be Erased?

Good Question.  If you bring your vehicle in for simple service (oil change, brakes, etc), your coding is safe.  The only time you need to worry is if the dealership has to update your software or if they replace parts/modules in your vehicle (e.g. light modules, navigation system, pdc module, etc).  CodeMyCar, LLC offers a great customer guarantee so if your custom coding is ever reset, we will be able to easily put it back for you.

4) How Long Does The Coding Process Usually Take?

It all depends on the vehicle and the amount of options that you would like to code.  Most vehicles typically take between 30-45 minutes to code and to test all of the options.  After all of the items are coded, we test every feature to make sure that it is working properly.  Remote coding times take about an hour longer than coding in person.

5) I Got My Car Coded Already But I See Your Company Offers Options That Another Coder Did Not, Can You Code It For Me And Will It Interfere With My Other Coding?

If we have the item(s) listed for your vehicle, then we can definitely code them for you.  We try to offer as many items as possible for our clients to choose from so they can truly personalize their vehicles.  None of the past coding will be interfered with whatsoever.

6) There Is An Option That I Saw On Another Site/Another Person’s Vehicle But You Guys Do Not List It For My Vehicle, Would It Be Possible To Code?

In most cases yes, occasionally there may be an item not listed but if you let us know we will add the option for you, assuming it is available for your vehicle year and model.  Options can differ from one model year to the next.

7) Where Are You Located?

CodeMyCar, LLC is based on the US East Coast (primarily NY/NJ & Boston, MA) but we do often travel to other cities and states.  For those customers whom we cannot reach in person or in a timely manner, we offer FULL remote coding packages throughout the world.

8) How Do I Know What Type Of Vehicle I Have (F10/F30/R56/E70, etc)?

BMW & Mini chassis identification codes can be confusing.  There are many ways to identify which chassis you have one being the build sheet.  If you are not sure, we can eliminate all of the guesswork.  We have multiple ways to check your chassis code but the easiest way is for you to provide us with the last 7 digits of your vin.