Premium Services

At CodeMyCar we pride ourselves on offering the best coding and programming services for BMW, Rolls Royce, Mini Cooper and an every expanding portfolio of vehicles. Our service is backed by over 6500 satisfied customers.

Active Travel

CodeMyCar is not restricted by location. We often travel along the east coast and occasionally travel to select places throughout the US and even Canada.  This means that we are likely to be in a city near you sometime this year. View our travel calendar tab to stay u to date with our travel plans.

Remote Services

While we know we can’t be everywhere all the time, we pride ourselves in being able to service customers from all over the world. We offer coding packages that allows for the best services to be offered no matter the location.

Why Choose Us

  • Over 7 years of active knowledge with premium vehicle coding and programming
  • Tools and knowledge to be able to troubleshoot errors and prevent difficulties
  • Streamlined process to offer the safest and most time effective solutions available
  • We offer free recoding in the event coding is inadvertently removed
  • 6500+ satisfied clients

Our Happy Clients